FINALLY we’re getting the ability to share Apple AirTags with a family member! #wwdc23

I’ve been using my iPhone 14 Pro Max on ‘Larger Text’ display zoom for the past six months and today I decided to switch back to ‘Default’ and it feels like I got a new phone with a higher resolution!

Gaming in 2023 so far has been absolutely incredible. It’s also coincided nicely with my paternity leave. #HogwartsLegacy #ToTK #DiabloIV #StreetFighter6 #PSVR2 #RE4 #JediSurvivor

Finally got off Tutorial Sky Island in #TOTK today. Kinda wanna go back and learn how to build more boats.

Instantly subscribed to #Mimestream after using the beta everyday for the past two years. I’m glad people are still dedicated to making quality Mac apps.

#TearsOfTheKingdom has me seriously considering a Switch purchase. It’s the ideal moment for Nintendo to drop a non-portable ‘Switch Pro’ console. #GamingGoals

A person has never heard music before, what’s the first song you play them?

If Apple releases an AI model with API and/or chat access a la ChatGPT, will they charge for it and will it run on-device only?

Hopefully for #watchos10 Walkie-Talkie gets retired. I’d guess less than 1% of #applewatch users even know it exists.

People say they’re a rolling stone, but they are more like a ceiling fan. Every once in a while you need to stop and knock the dust off.

Interested in discovering new music or seeking out expertly curated playlists? Check out my story on how I’ve transformed my 25 years of experience into modern mixtapes. [I Made You a Mixtape: Piracy to Playlist](Ben Beard’s Playlist)

Although I dislike Bud Light (and other “dad beers”), I’m willing to purchase and consume one simply to annoy the anti-trans extremists.

Disappointing news for Pens fans as the team misses out on the playoffs this year. A tough pill to swallow, but they’ll be back stronger next season with a vengeance. #Penguins #NHLPlayoffs

My music taste has recently undergone a major shift. I’m not sure if it’s because the genres I used to listen to lack quality, or if it’s because I now drive a pickup truck.

I have a collecting issue, but I can assure you it’s not hoarding!…

I recently started journaling with #DayOne about my family life. It’s really freeing to write about my experiences and feelings for myself. I have no intention of sharing this journal publicly and that makes the memories better, if I can keep it up. Right now I’m averaging every other day.

The waves won’t break my boat.

Tried to watch the #formula1 race at 1am local time. I dozed off after the safety car in the first lap and woke up to a red flag. Bed time!

I think Facebook finally found its niche. Competing with your relatives on how your family is bigger/better than theirs.

Every year so many people and companies buy in to the obsurdity that is April Fool’s day. How did this make it through COVID?